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That mouldering 'watch thy houre' skull is sooo haunted.

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Oct 24, 2022Liked by Monica McLaughlin

Thank you so much for the spooky newsletter - can you add some info on the coconut sander? What on earth is it? Do you use it to sprinkle sand on wet ink? To bludgeon someone? I tried googling it but only got redirected to your newsletter and to the auction site. Inquiring minds want to know!

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Monica! As soon as I saw the pic of that javelin earring I remembered your original Hairpin post. I'd have the same kind of agita if I found myself unknowingly cited as an expert, but second-hand I am only extremely delighted!

Otherwise, if anyone wants to bring me that Codognato skull ring, send them up, for I am entirely at my leisure.

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Scariest toothpick ever!

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These are all so horrific and frightful and I have a long, long list of people I want to send them to.

Oops, I said that out loud. Cough.

>>"He was a great musician but also a bit of a dick, so some nymphs eventually turned him into a stag beetle and left him to wander the woods alone."

OK, on that criteria, my list is now twice as long...

>>"a Lilliputian battery carried in the pocket, enabling the death’s head to distend its jaws and close and open them at the wearer’s pleasure"

This is a use of the word "pleasure" that I am wholly unfamiliar with. And really, this whole catwalk of bejewelled horrors is frightening the hell out of me, as someone who wants to believe the best of most of humanity.


no, why

all of these. whyyyy

*confused sobbing*

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