Circa 1860, a Victorian 15k “Dearest” acrostic ring set with a diamond central stone and surrounded by (clockwise from top) emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz.

Hi! Welcome to Dearest, in which I enthuse about a selection of interesting bits and bobs I find on auction or through various dealers. This column used to exist on the late, lamented Hairpin, but now I’m bringing it back in a free weekly (and shorter, ha) newsletter format.

Despite being endlessly fascinating, antique and estate jewelry is still an extremely underserved topic online. And while a lot of the things I’ll post are ridiculously expensive due to age or maker or material, there are still totally affordable options out there for people who are willing to seek them out. I’ll try to make sure I regularly link to dealers who offer a cross-section of affordable stuff alongside all the auction ostentation. I may occasionally include non-jewelry items as well, because sometimes these things are just irresistible. But I promise they’ll be worth it!

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Because you don’t have time to scroll through a billion auctions to find weird and wonderful nonsense and shout about it online. I mean, I don’t either, but I do it anyway.

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